To ensure that you are the owner of the EVE Online character you are applying or logging in with, please could you click the button above and sign in with your EVE Online details.
Important note: This will direct you to an official CCP page. EVE University will not have access to your EVE Online account details at any time. CCP will simply confirm to us that you have validated that you own the account.
You will then be directed to another page where CCP will give you a list of information EVE University requires from you to proceed with the application. You will have the choice to authorise us to have that information or to cancel.

If you click authorise, you will be directed back to this tool. If you do not have an EVE University account already, one will automatically be created for you and you will be asked to provide an email address and a new password for your EVE University account.

Once you log in, the system will leave you logged in for one week. Please remember to log out if you're using a public computer.